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It’s not just about making any video content, it’s about making the right video content and then utilising it effectively.

At SCOPIC we’re passionate about video content. Good video, with the support of powerful imagery, can help you build a stronger relationship with your audience.

Let us help you optimise your existing content and focus on making video work for you and your customers.

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Why Do I Need Video Content?

Effective video content is more important than ever with 84% of people saying that they were convinced to purchase a service or product after watching the brand’s video.

Video is very quickly becoming an expectation from customers as it’s an efficient way to share information in an engaging way.

Lots of factors can impact the performance of a video within your website and social media. The content may not be tailored to your audience, it could be too long or it may be being used on the wrong platform.

Where Should I Share Video Content?

You should aim to utilise your video content on any platforms where your brand or company has a presence. This could be social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Facebook or professional platforms such as LinkedIn and your company website.

It’s worth considering where you’d like to share the videos before they’re filmed. Different lengths, styles and formats perform better on certain platforms. It’s not always easy to adjust a video once it has been created.

For example, content for TikTok needs to be 9:16 Vertical framing which is also great for Instagram. Whereas standard 16:9 widescreen content can often work better for LinkedIn or corporate websites.

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How Long Should Corporate Video Content Be?

Video length can very drastically depending on the type of content you’re looking to create and where it will be utilised. Generally, due to reducing attention spans, a 2-3 minute video can be considered fairly long by modern standards.

The rule of thumb is to keep your content as short as is can be while still portraying the message you’re looking to convey. If the video is designed to be an instructional video to assist someone in utilising a piece of equipment, then it may be 20-30 minutes or more in length. If you’re simply promoting a new service or product then you should aim to showcase your USPs and your CTA in thirty seconds to a minute.

Understanding your audience and distribution platforms will be key to tailoring your video appropriately. Knowing your intended platforms and desired outcomes for video content is the easiest way to guarantee a positive return on investment.

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