April 21, 2021
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You’ve managed to get some perfect shots, you’ve captured just what your business is all about, now all you need to do is condense the footage into an engaging and informative video. But how long does it need to be? We have the answers.

It’s one thing having the content, but it’s another thing knowing how to get the most out of it depending on which platform you’re posting to.

Optimising your video’s length depending on the platform you share it to will increase your views and keep your audience interested.

Take a look at our simple guide:



Instagram favours the short and sweet. They’re keen to keep engaged consumers scrolling through their platform, that why they push 30-second videos to the top of their algorithm. Instagram do, however, allow you to keep longer live videos (up to four hours) posted as an IGTV, but if you’re wanting to post a carefully crafted video to your feed, you’re limited to one minute. Anything over one minute and Instagram recommend sending it to your IGTV section. And in true Instagram fashion, you can also make use of reels where you can upload a super short TikTok-esque thirty second video that will no doubt be favoured by the algorithm.

Again, Facebook is a scrolling platform, so shorter videos – specifically around one minute long – gain more traction. Facebook is, however, one of the platforms that sees its users stopping and taking the time to invest in content. It’s likely Facebook will still show your longer video, but we recommend keeping it under two minutes to ensure your viewers don’t continue scrolling

Twitter comes with its limits: all videos must be under 2 minutes and 20 seconds long. When it comes to the perfect Twitter-length video, 20-45 second snippets seem to gain the most attraction. With its new ten-second ‘Fleets’ and its 280 character limit, Twitter is all about fast, easily digestible content

You may think because YouTube is a video sharing platform, it would hold the answer to the perfect video length, but content still varies. When a viewer enters YouTube, they’re wanting to watch video content only. There’s no text, no swiping and no scrolling, so your viewer could be in it for the long run. Shorter videos (around 2 minutes long) still perform well on this platform, but longer videos (upwards of half an hour) is where content really does succeed. If you want to show a full in-depth video about your product, your team or a great idea you’ve had, YouTube is the place to do it

LinkedIn videos can seem complicated, but once you read about the options, you’ll see they’re quite simple:

LinkedIn Native Videos: Native Videos are either uploaded to or created on the platform itself rather than embedded. They’re videos to be shared organically amongst your network. Native videos can last anywhere between 3 seconds and 10 minutes but, again, we recommend keeping content as short as possible to engage your viewers quickly and effectively.

LinkedIn Video Ads: this is where you can shout about your product, your brand, your values and your mission. Essentially, LinkedIn Ads build greater brand awareness, but you have to pay for them to show up on the feeds of people outside your connections. They can also last up to thirty minutes long so you can really go into detail, but you may want to keep it to a few minutes for that quick engagement.


What about the type of video?

Whether it’s a product video, testimonial, meet the team video or vlog, the optimial lengths can vary.

Product Video

According to We Video, 5% of viewers stop watching after one minute, but that figure quickly jumps to 60% if your video exceeds two minutes. Viewers want to see what your product does and how it can change their lives, and this should ideally fit into 1-2 minutes.


Every testimonial needs a story: who is the client? How did you work together? How have you made an impact on their business? This is what will keep your viewers watching. Ideally, somewhere between 60-90 seconds creates the perfect testimonial video.


If you’re entering the world of YouTube, you need to get to know your audience. This will help to determine your video length. According to Hootsuite, younger generations (Gen Z and Millenials) are more likely to seek out short-form vlogs and tutorials. But don’t rule out those who are invested enough to search and follow your channel; these people will stay for the longer vlogs to find out more about your business’ values, mission and day-to-day life.


Online viewing is becoming quicker and more engaging with a focus on capturing your audience within those first five seconds. Once you know your platform and ideal video length, you’ll have no problem getting the views!