March 9, 2021

It’s unsurprising to say that, over the past year, the construction industry has taken a hit in terms of being able to work on sites and in homes. With lockdown restrictions, limitations on travel and reduced numbers of people on site, the sector that we specialise in struggled to continue with business as usual. Because of this, our efforts to shoot new content and meet new clients was halted.

In the midst of such a challenging time, we decided to delve into the healthcare & hygiene sector where the request for marketing content was booming. We spent the best part of last year working with those who were making a difference during the COVID-19 pandemic and who required the skills of the SCOPIC team to promote their healthcare & hygiene products.

We’ve put together a showreel to give you a glimpse of some incredible projects we’ve worked on.
Watch below:

In the space of a year, we worked with fourteen different businesses to create videography content; we also produced two animations, three CGI clips and provided three companies with product photography.

From hand sanitisers and gloves to medical screens and surface wipes, we helped to promote everything that has become widely used within the past year. Here at SCOPIC, we believe it’s important for us to do our part within the wider community, so involving ourselves with the healthcare & hygiene sector didn’t only deliver new business ventures, but it instilled a sense of pride within the team.

By lending our creative minds and our eye for detail, we were able to continue producing high quality content outside of our specialised sector. Like many businesses, we experienced the threat of COVID, and so we knew we had to adapt quickly.

Tailoring content to a different industry allowed our wonderful team to draw from their transferable skills. Not only this, but working within a sector that was moving so quickly saw us shooting and editing content with extremely quick turnarounds. From all the hard work, we’ve developed important relationships with our clients and expanded our portfolio to continue showcasing what we do.

Thankfully, as we’ve moved into 2021, we’ve been able to continue working with businesses who serve the construction industry, the industry that we know best. Collaborating closely with the healthcare & hygiene sector, however, has been an invaluable experience and one that we hope to continue working with during these troubling times.

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A project we were particularly pleased to work on was the H-Wash RS hand sanitiser dispenser.

The standalone system dispenses 12,000 shots per refill and is designed for installation where footfall is heavy, such as train stations, gyms and other large venues. The product offers a super fast, touch-free way of acting against 99.9% of viruses.

With an important message of reducing plastic, improving efficiency and maintaining a high standard of cleanliness, the promotion of H-Wash’s products was an influential project to be a part of.

We filmed a selection of instructional and promotional videos, crafted with the perfect blend of emotion and efficiency, to champion H-Wash as a company who care about combating the COVID-19 virus through ease of accessibility.

Specifically, the promotional advert we shot for the H-Wash RS product was a triumph for our team. Working across several locations, our producers filmed and edited a slick and informative one-minute video with some truly stunning shots involved.

We were also able to include the branding for some big company names such as Gymshark, Liverpool FC and Brewdog to not only add credibility to the product, but to represent the varied establishments that H-Wash’s products can be used in.

You can watch the full advert below: