February 5, 2021

We’re very pleased to unveil our SCOPIC 2020 recap video with insight from our fantastic team of directors, photographers, videographers, marketers and copywriters.


At SCOPIC, we pride ourselves on continually producing fresh and innovative content, and we know that’s only possible with an enthusiastic and determined team. Because of this, our team continues to grow rapidly.

Our Marketing Executive and Copywriter, Katie started last month along with our new Project Coordinator, Charlotte who came onboard just last week! We’re also set to welcome Finley, our new producer who shot the video above as part of his test project. But until then, we’re taking a look back at 2020 with Scott, Danielle and Ian.

As with many other businesses, 2020 was a challenging year for SCOPIC, but having a highly experienced tight-knit team meant that we were able to adapt quickly. Despite the world moving online and face-to-face production taking a hit, a higher demand for video and an ambitious brand strategy meant that SCOPIC were able to keep thriving.
Here’s what the team had to say about successfully overcoming 2020 and looking forward to a brighter 2021:

Scott Simpson (Co-Founder and Sales Director)

‘Creating a studio and taking any video/photography/animation/CGI job we could get our hands on – even a one-hour video editing job for £75 – ensured that we got through a tough time. I’m proud of the fact we never had to furlough anyone and that we had the business there to continue growing the team.’

‘We have huge goals for 2021.’

Danielle (Customer Services)

‘The biggest achievement for me was overcoming the challenges thrown at us and coming out of it as a stronger individual part of a resilient team and business.’

‘2020 was challenging, but it brought the team closer.’

‘We were turning round projects within days, sometimes hours, so we had to adapt quickly to turn a profit. As soon as filming could go ahead again, we were prepared with the necessary PPE and office precautions so we could continue working with clients and even have some newstarters in the team. We started with four team members so, by the end of 2021, I hope we’re up to eight or nine. Let’s face it, this year will be tough too, but I’m holding on to us all being in the office together again one day.’

Ian (Producer)

‘I only started working for SCOPIC in August so it was certainly a tricky start, but we rose to any challenges as a team and I managed to settle in well.’

‘We’ve had to think outside the box on many projects.’

‘It’s testimony to how brilliantly SCOPIC have handled the past year and still managed to grow. Working with Dragonshine was a really interesting experience for me, especially as they’re based in Canada. Every little detail has to be considered to make sure we hit the mark, from hiring the correct voice over to adapting to their left-hand steering! I’m excited to see what other interesting opportunities come along this year to work with new and old clients and to develop my own skills, especially with a growing team. The team have worked incredibly hard over the past year to get SCOPIC where it is today.’

With new clients, a bigger team and more exciting opportunities on the horizon, SCOPIC are set to find even more success in 2021!