Zentura: Casio Office, London

A tranquil workspace amid the London rush, lay your eyes on the new Casio office.

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We captured the new space by Zentura and Fluid in this soothing case study video and photography.
Take a minute for our latest case study video from Casio’s new London offices and see the sophisticated design and fit by Zentura and Fluid. Visitors are boldly welcomed by the glowing CASIO logo jumping from the wall, leading into a calming, charming office space.
Amidst the pollution of hectic city life, Zentura have created a vast space of relief in the Casio office. Glass walls and open workspace areas expand the location, natural window light spills into every spot. Plots of shrubbery about the office cleanse the air and compliment the rich blues and greens, balanced by soothing whites and pale timbers.
The zen aura cascades into Casio’s breakout area. Beside the marbled kitchen, Zentura have bought an Eastern paradise indoors, positioning a comfortable bark-brown sofa beneath the iconic cherry blossom and an artistic styling of the deep red rising sun, a blissful ode to Casio’s Japanese roots.
Beneath the picturesque surface, Zentura and Fluid have fit the office on expert foundations. Supreme technology integrates seamlessly with the design, and the open space encourages movement around the office for employee cohesion, easily rearranged to dynamically suit requirements. All reports from Casio suggest the office is as much a pleasure to work in as it was for us to shoot, an excellent collaboration.