Westcountry Group Company Video

Westcountry Group design and install unique interiors for education and commercial workspaces.

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Their goal is to improve quality of work through meaningful, accessible design, which we wanted to capture with a company video.
In 2021, our producers took a trip to several schools and colleges to capture the stunning interior design work of Westcountry Group. With the help of managing director, Miles Liesching, project manager, Neville Barry and interior designer, Fran Jones, the team at SCOPIC were able to sit down with those involved and question what makes Westcountry Group so special.
To kick off the process and make it as seamless as possible for everyone, we acquired site access to several locations, including OneSchool in Salisbury, St George’s College in Surrey and St Johns Beaumont in Berkshire. Reflected in the majority of their projects, Westcountry excel in their ability to transformed unused spaces into engaging, encouraging and stylish educational facilities.
This image – taken from OneScool in Salisbury – reflects on Westcountry’s efforts to re-purpose an old building into a multi-use study hub which has significantly improved the learning experience of OneSchool’s students. The use of bright colours, as encouraged by Fran Jones, and a mix between open-plan collaborative spaces and independent learning desks, has created a truly bespoke place for students to thrive.
After we worked our magic on site, filming the fine details of each magnificent transformation, we spoke to the team and acquired in-depth, personal information about Westcountry’s ability to connect with their clients. Their process, which goes beyond supplying furniture and actually defining the need for the space, allows the client to physically view their vision with the help of 3D and 4D virtual reality renditions. By using our marketing expertise at SCOPIC, Westcountry now have a comprehensive video showing examples of their ground-breaking virtual representations and the ways in which their clients will always remain informed.