Sunparadise: Nottingham Ground

When it comes to architecture photography, our photographer, Mike knows how to get the best angles.

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Mike visited Nottingham in November 2019 to capture a range of case study photography for Sunparadise.
Sunparadise have sold and manufactured balcony glazing, outdoor spaces, wintergardens and facades since 1985, making them a leading company in commercial and residential transformations. With a Scandinavian heritage behind them, Sunparadise pride themselves on increasing property value and improving quality of life for their customers.
With this particular project, Sunparadise contributed towards ‘building a better Nottingham’. The two towers pictured in the case study photography – Winchester and Woodthorpe Court – were chosen as part of a refurbishment project; by orders of Nottingham City Council, Nottingham City Homes transformed the former dull, pebble-dashed buildings into sleek, modern living areas.
Sunparadise asked us to capture their contribution towards the new, unrecognisable buildings. Their 176 Windoor System 1000 balcony enclosures – installed by McKean Developments – have provided residents with access to the outdoors from the comfort of their own apartment. The system has both added value to the towers and created a sustainable, safe and energy efficient solution to bringing the outdoors in.
In terms of design, as created by HLP Design, the striking white and khaki facades made for some fantastic case study imagery. Mike was able to capture the residential area surrounded by greenery and blue skies, emphasising the incredible transformation of this space. Close-ups of the balconies encapsulate their style and simplicity while long-shots of the two buildings, side by side, demonstrate the vibrancy they have brought to their surroundings.