Strongdor: Factory Launch

2020: an exciting year for Strongdor as they move into their new factory.

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We filmed the new factory reveal along with a series of shorter clips to show off the equipment.
Strongdor, a company born in 2008 who have since risen to the top of their game in manufacturing and installing steel doors. 2020 marked Strongdor’s third factory move in just over ten years due to team expansion. Now, the company are settled near the SCOPIC HQ in Morecambe, Lancashire. With a quick trip down the road, we were ready to help out and film the launch.
With reviews like ‘excellent products’ and ‘great communication’, Strongdor already have the backing of their customers, so the purpose of this video was to shine a light on their story. Their impeccable 42,000 square ft facility, which is home to over 80 staff, is a result of the loyalty their customers show, so we aimed to help Strongdor continue along the path of success with new, engaging content.
As for the finer details, we made sure to capture them all. The company’s new high tech automation line incorporates Salvagnini technology along with laser machinery to offer high quality, accurately made products. Long shots of the factory space paired with close ups of the team at work displays a rounded image of the new working area, while the extra one-minute video we created provides Strongdor’s audience with more BTS insight.
We focused a one-minute video on the high-tech laser used to cut Strongdor’s door leaf and strengthening parts. With the help of the team, we integrated interview clips from those who work on the floor to create a quick, captivating explanation of what makes the business so unique. What’s more, by chatting about their machines, viewers can understand how Strongdor provide such quality products in such a fast timeframe.