Strongdor: All Round Security

SCOPIC have worked on a variety of projects with Strongdor, a company who specialise in designing and manufacturing domestic steel doors.

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Strongdor’s products are custom made, high quality and certified for fire, security and thermal performance. It was crucial, therefore, that SCOPIC’s involvement in promoting Strongdor was focused and informative.
In March 2020, we created a series of videos, informing customers of Strongdor’s installation process. With a mix of time-lapse content, strong branding and a clear voiceover, we created multiple instructive videos to both promote the products and guide the customer.
Strongdor’s entire ethos revolves around providing the best possible door to last for the longest possible time. Strongdor themselves admit, yes, ‘you can find cheaper steel doors on the market, but ask yourself why?’ It was within this question that we found our mission: to advertise Strongdor’s trustworthy, premium image and encourage sales for their robust. Industry-leading products.
Prioritising the needs of the customer, Strongdor called on SCOPIC to shoot and edit a series of ‘how to’ videos in order to aid with the installation process as smoothly as possible. After securing an effective strategy, forming an in-depth plan and understanding the Strongdor customer, we set to work with filming.

As with every client, our aim is to produce engaging content that you can make the most of. Strongdor’s feedback shows that we were successful in fulfilling their vision and reflecting the company, resulting in one happy customer.
Simon King, Strongdor Marketing Manager said what he found really helpful ‘was that SCOPIC have their own platform in which I can go and view, and make editing notes, of things that I wanted to see in the finished piece.’ He went on to say, ‘Seeing is believing, and I think the key element of video is that you offer to your customers something tangible that they can take away which is the essence of your company.’

Simon described SCOPIC’s process as ‘simple from start to finish; you feel involved. And yes, absolutely, I would recommend SCOPIC for video production.’