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In April 2020, we collaborated with Solidcor on a number of videos to promote the company itself along with their COVID-19-conscious Hygiene Door and their R30 and R60 fire doors which, with their solid core materials, protect against fire and provide security.

With lockdown restrictions looming, we took on Solidcor’s project knowing there would be obstacles to overcome. Promoting the Solidcor Hygiene Door, a product that has become even more significant during the COVID-19 pandemic, was the first step.

Due to travel restrictions and the need to complete this project quickly, our producer, Mike provided Solidcor with a script and shot list so they could film the content themselves before sending it to us at SCOPIC to undergo editing. To ensure Solidcor felt supported and well-equipped during this process, Mike offered extensive directorial support via email. This video was then successfully shot and edited within a matter of days, something the Solidcor team praised, saying the 24-hour turnaround shows SCOPIC are ‘dedicated to the customer.’

As lockdown restrictions lifted, we then seized the opportunity to film with three central members of the Solidcor team in person. After a lot of detailed planning and liaising, we successfully created a three-minute video, capturing both the essence of the company and the incredible life-changing products they create.

From the company video alone, enough footage was accumulated to then provide Solidcor with a website banner video and between 6-8 additional short social media assets. These extra videos were each split into categories to showcase the company’s history, their principles and the development of their products.

Not only was this proactive for us at SCOPIC to re-purpose our B-roll footage, but this initiative provided Solidcor with promotional material with no additional filming needed, all of which helped to sell their products and strengthen their social media presence for a further seven months.

Despite the lockdown restrictions, the SCOPIC team excelled themselves when it came to supporting Solidcor and producing informative and engaging videos.

Sales Manager, Curtis Hughes disclosed that, after seeing the video we produced, a reputable client approached Solidcor and pursued their expertise rather than that of Solidcor’s competition. For us at SCOPIC, we gained a very happy customer and a statement from Chris...

‘SCOPIC have been a pleasure to work with. With our previous projects and this one, they’ve gone the extra mile, big time . . . The quality of the final production was extremely professional. It’s almost a gift and a talent and these guys at SCOPIC have got it . . . It’s worth every penny. If you’re thinking about video production, definitely consider SCOPIC.’