Ryno: The Botanist

The fundamentals of luxury: Ryno know how to ground a great atmosphere.

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Dive into your holiday desires with this Ryno photography case study at The Botanist.
There’s an island in the sky, a tropical paradise in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. In the home of the UK’s best sunrises, under the watch of the Earl of Grey, sits The Botanist: the classiest spot to start a day’s bar hopping toward the Quayside Seaside.
Above head are blue skies, cotton clouds, and traces of Newcastle’s magical architecture, with string lights to transform the night-time into a starry wonder. From the neck down, palm-trees and flora decorate the wood and wicker seating, dressed atop a stage of sandy Ryno flooring that rounds off the paradise.
The Ryno Terra Smart slabs possess a look between the blissful white sands of the Caribbean and a beautiful Greek marble, at once grounding the space in bliss and class. With a subtle fine-grained texture, you’d miss a part of the experience keeping your shoes on; sandals recommended, but don’t tell the bar staff we said that.
Ryno’s systems specialise in areas like these, spots built to endure the tests of time and heavy wear. We love to shoot spots like this, The Botanist and Ryno are together a gift to a photographer as they are to North-East Bahamas dreamers.