Ryno: 22 Bishopsgate

22 Bishopsgate, London: one of the financial district’s most impressive spaces.

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The SCOPIC team were thrilled to visit 22 Bishopsgate as part of a case study project for Ryno Group.
22 Bishopsgate is London’s newest and highest social hub. Across 62 storeys, workers can find bars, cafes and restaurants, the country’s highest climbing wall and, of course, levels upon levels of offices. As part of a case study project, we filmed and photographed the RPF fixed-head adjustable paving pedestals installed on the building’s terrace by Ryno Group.
Working towards the very top of the building, this impressive structure needed a tough and durable flooring system that could withstand the wind. By ballasting the slabs down, Ryno’s system has since prevented any uplift, leaving 22 Bishopsgate with a secure addition to their exterior.
We wanted to capture the incredible job undertaken by Ryno, so our producer, Mike shot a pack of breath-taking photography. The building’s crystal-clear glass façade beautifully mirrors the sky’s blue outbursts, while its sharp edges create a futuristic vision. While he was up there, Mike couldn’t resist capturing a few shots of London sat at the foot of 22 Bishopsgate too.
While the imagery is captivating, we also wanted to produce a video where viewers could feel immersed in the experience of visiting 22 Bishopsgate. This way, Ryno could demonstrate the sheer planning and professionalism put into the project. With the help of Calvin, we were able to summarise Ryno’s involvement in the building’s exterior; on top of this, the luxurious exterior close ups and the time-lapse shots of the sky reflecting off the building show how 22 Bishopsgate integrates seamlessly into London’s landscape.