Regal Balustrades: The Guardsman Hotel

The Guardsman Hotel, situated in the heart of Westminster, is the epitome of luxury and style.

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Our London photographer, Renny, spent a day photographing the boutique property.
With Westminster Abbey on its doorstep and a 6-minute walk to Buckingham Palace, this 5* London hotel is home to a variety of residences like no other. The contrasting exposed brick and golden details of the exterior open up to a 1920s-esque boutique, offering a unique city experience.
Golden tones run throughout the building, particularly with the instalment of Regal’s tubular stainless steel balustrades. The low-maintenance handrails contribute seamlessly to the opulent feel of the hotel.
Our London-based photographer, Renny, captured a series of case study images for Regal Balustrades to use across their website and socials. Renny was keen to capture the balustrades up close as well as working in harmony with the hallway, restaurant and entrance interior.
Every one of our clients receives continues communication from the SCOPIC team, no matter what the project is. Through virtual meetings and phone conversations, we established Regal’s vision: to showcase their systems as much more than a balustrade, which we achieved by photographing the product among the decadence of the hotel.