Readyfix: the nation’s favourite tool provider for the Construction industry.

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We all know and love Readyfix, but there’s more to the company than selling screwdrivers . . .
Our new video with Readyfix explores the importance of on-site safety and, more specifically, the benefits of a well-lit workspace. Named ‘Safe & Bright On-site’, we worked with Readyfix to create an informative yet eye-catching advert with a quick 53-second run time. We paired video footage with text to create something different for the Readyfix customers; this technique works perfectly to visually demonstrate the benefits of workplace lighting while explaining potential risks.
But what are the real benefits of pairing text with video? Firstly, it keeps the content dynamic and informative at the same time. Secondly, your audience sees the message instantly, encouraging them to stop scrolling and read more. Another very important factor: if someone is unable to listen to the video, text makes the information much more accessible.
While working on set, we also took the opportunity to film some BTS footage. Producers, Mike and Fin worked on the project together, and you can view the BTS video here: