Quelfire: Company Video

Quelfire: specialists in passive fire protection.

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Quelfire’s 40 years’ experience in the business has seen them become highly trusted fire containment suppliers.
To make a mark with their audience, we helped Quelfire film a company video. From their distinctive branding and company values to their history and team culture, we wanted to uncover what is below the surface of Quelfire, and so we enlisted commercial director, Darryl Wells, sales director, Craig Wells and managing director, Keith Wells to give us a personal account of their vision at the family business.
Their products prevent the spread of fire from one compartment to another, placing safety and efficiency at the centre of what they do. But their vision goes beyond this; Quelfire ensure every customer feels safe and confident in their decision to purchase with them, and what better way to demonstrate this than with an informative and engaging video?
Our video for Quelfire consists of in-office shots, interviews and close-ups of products, allowing customers to find all the information they need, all in one place. Selling safety products requires a high level of trust and brand loyalty, therefore we understood Quelfire needed a video that draws out their attention to detail and their remarkable professionalism.
As a result of creating this video, Quelfire are now able to use the footage across their website and social media. An understanding of the dedicated team, their quick growth rate and their installation process is extremely valuable when it comes to strengthening the brand and gaining sales. Our producers are also experts in drawing out the unique aspects of a business, providing insight as to why your brand is the best in the industry.