Oakley: Case Study Video

Oakley: the food industry’s fit-out partner.

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When Oakley helped Master Catering Ltd. fit-out their factory, they called us to film a case study testimonial.
Oakley operate within the food industry. Specifically, they fit out and renovate spaces to create a cleaner, more effective and accessible place for all workers. Oakley’s specialised knowledge regarding interior design, construction and installation means they are the leading company when it comes to transforming workplaces.
With the help of Dogan Ozyurt and Ben Lyon, two employees from Master Catering Ltd., we were able to sit down and find out what makes Oakley so special. By doing this, we have created a super short one-minute video to help Oakley market their business to their target audience and stand out from the competition.
Dogan and Ben helpfully established Oakley’s strong points after working with the company to transform their new manufacturing factory; Oakley cut out the middleman and provide one seamless, hassle-free service to all their clients. For this project in particular, they provided the resin flooring, they acted as the paneller and they designed and co-ordinated the project from start to finish, allowing everyone at Master Catering Ltd. sit back and relax.
For this case study video, we wanted to get straight to the point; that’s why we have created a short and engaging video full of high-quality footage from the factory itself. Combined with employee interviews, this footage creates a digestible piece of content that helps to build trust between Oakley and their potential clients.