North Piling: Crossness Pumping Station

Huge power and effortless cool: North Piling show us how construction should be done.

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Witness the scale of construction in this slick North Piling Ltd video.
Big heavy equipment is cool, even as a child you know this in your heart. Somehow as you grow up, the mega-structures only seem to grow larger too, demanding your awe and your respect. Now check out this video for North Piling ltd and try to resist being impressed by the coolness at work on this mega-site beside the River Thames.
North Piling’s latest project at Crossness Pumping Station saw a colossal preparation for some forthcoming work. We filmed the team preparing the ground with huge holes, filling them with concrete and iron cages. Access to some of the best angles are only permitted by drone, which Scopic have shown off on an increasingly impressive number of occasions now. We’ve some great pilots in the team.
While the raw footage was entrancing, this North Piling video demonstrates how great editing can enhance footage with an attitude. Scopic’s London producer Renato transformed his own footage with the rhythms of rock, expert cutting, and controlled motion, polished off with a dramatic high-contrast colour grade for a passionate depth in every shot. This is the power of high-end video production.