MyDek: The Shard CPD Event

Introducing MyDek: a safe, smart and sustainable company who produce non-combustible decking for the construction industry. MyDek, one of our longest-running clients, are proof that here at SCOPIC, we value your custom and loyalty.

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Since collaborating with MyDek in 2019, we have created a range of content that showcases many angles of the company, from innovative and determined to welcoming and fun.
Starting in March 2020 with the Shard CPD event, our team was able to capture MyDek in action doing what they do best: networking and selling. It was important for our footage to capture and clearly advertise the professionalism and importance of MyDek’s work. For this event, MyDek enquired about our services at 5pm on the Tuesday evening yet, because of the incredibly ambitious team we have here at SCOPIC, we were filming at the top of the Shard by lunch time the following day. Sadly, the restrictions of COVID-19 soon impacted our future plans with MyDek, but that didn’t stop us. We pride ourselves on knowing your company is getting the most out of the content we create, and that’s why we then produced a short, temporary promo video for MyDek from the footage we had already shot.
In the face of adversity, we adapted to a new plan and provided MyDek with a visually stunning, succinct and informative video along with a website banner which they described as useful to have while further filming was off-limits. From here, we helped MyDek with their wider video marketing strategy to build their brand image, particularly with both a company culture and ‘Meet the Team’ video. To truly represent MyDek’s fun, dynamic and creative personality, the ‘human’ aspect of the company needed to take the forefront.
This is where we interviewed several team members to create a fast-paced, diverse and often humorous short video, showing what makes the MyDek team so unique. While with the team, we captured company headshots of each member, making full use of the time we spent on site.
Here at SCOPIC, we strive to grow with you and your company, that’s why we understand the importance of capturing every angle and exploring different avenues. MyDek’s loyalty towards our work has allowed us to continue creating fresh, exciting content to reflect their innovative brand; this has now even resulted in the current production of MyDek case study videos and photography too.