Multifix: Company Video

If it works, run with it: Multifix utilise the Olympic relay model for their seamless value-driven process.

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Discover how these specialists in the industry have mastered their service in this company video and photography.
Multifix have over 30 years in their industry, supplying to carpentry, refurbishment, and passive fire contractors with speed, reliability, and a personal touch. High pressure situations and critical deadlines are Multifix’s specialty. They work to make their client’s lives easier with a structure founded on the ultimate model of an Olympic relay team.
With Multifix every second at every stage counts, so we were delighted to get some real time to sit down with the company and talk about what their business means to them. Just as they’re known for, quality results are what they delivered.
But we don’t want to list too many of Multifix’s countless accolades here, we’ll let their beautiful new company video do the talking. It’s a video that reveals a rounded scope of the Multifix brand; exploring areas of the premises, accessing insights from their experienced staff, and connecting seamlessly into those Olympic relay team visuals that embody the Multifix process.
In the same visit we captured the Multifix offerings in still images, too. Our producer Mike caught some close-ups of the crucial delivery drivers and their trusty van-shaped steeds who polish off the Multifix process. He also caught a glimpse inside the warehouse where so much of the magic happens, immortalising in photos the wizards hard at work. A result that Scopic and Multifix are proud of.