MiCiM: Recruitment Video

MiCiM have built a great culture in their workplace.

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Hear from the staff in this recruitment video.
Alongside our MiCiM case study videos, showcasing the impressive scope of the company’s recent work, we created a recruitment video for the Mission Critical facilities experts. This video would focus on the people at MiCiM, their feelings for the company and what it has done for their careers. Our interviews showed us these guys are made of all the right stuff to grow and grow some more.
For us the scope was simple, it’s what SCOPIC do best – clean interviews with multiple crisp angles, beautiful B-roll that presents professionalism, and a slick edit to pull it all together and tell the story. For a taste of something special, our London producer spent the day out on the River Thames with the MiCiM team, who can be seen living the good life.
The mix of stories from a variety of MiCiM’s staff consolidates the positive, collaborative culture in their workplace. The staff speak of motivation, support, training, acceptance, a love for their roles.
The full scope of the project between SCOPIC and MiCiM, two case study videos and a recruitment & culture video, is a great combination for reaching customers and talent all at once. The journey of discovering MiCiM might begin with evidence of their quality work or with evidence of the team’s attractive culture. Future client or future talent, each video supports the other and sells the company as one successful whole.