MiCiM: Case Study

The Lab: MiCiM fit an ISO level 5 clean room.

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See the expertise of over 350 years in this Case Study video.
MiCiM have achieved a lot in their time operating since 2016, developing best in class Mission Critical facilities for their clients in an open, honest and collaborative manner. MiCiM may be young but their over 350 years of data Centre experience positions the team among the greatest. SCOPIC steps in to show the scale and professionalism of MiCiM’s work, creating a case study around one of the team’s recent projects.
MiCiM fitted an advanced manufacturing facility and clean room for their FTSE 250 client. The requirements for an undertaking like this are complex and specific, demanding extreme competence to carry it through from design, to planning, to logistics, and to execution. MiCiM are deservedly proud of their capability to undertake a project of this scale.
To display such scale, we flew our drone through the worksite, exploring the complexities of the installation that might be missed from below. It was exciting to be with the team as the project reached about a third completion. Privy to the stages of construction and engaging with the team, we felt we’d arrived at a time of peak motivation, given the smiles and enthusiasm prevalent throughout the site. Through those smiles came the evidence of MiCiM’s serious knowledge. Combining this with SCOPIC’s serious video knowledge, we feel this video presents a true reflection of both ours and MiCiM’s success.