Maxwood Washrooms: Movana Door

A heart attack happens every 5 minutes. A fast response is the difference between life and death.

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An important product required an influential video, and that’s where we stepped in.
The Movana Door from Maxwood Washrooms is a life-changing addition to any public bathroom. It is a ‘full height cubicle door that opens outwards in an emergency’. This outward-opening system allows colleagues and emergency services to access the cubicle if the user inside is unresponsive or unconscious.
New to market and never seen before, Maxwoods’ product has the capability to change the way we keep public spaces safe. It is a responsibility, they believe, that applies to the ‘entire design and construction chain’. Incorporating crucial building regulations with a stylish and easily accessible design has allowed Maxwood to create something truly unique, and this is what we wanted to reflect in a product video.
Every day, we work with those who serve the Construction industry to boost their sales, strengthen their brand and, above all, help them connect with their audience. With the Monava Door, simplicity was key. Maxwoods’ target audience want to see results quickly, so the best way to show them? Film the door in action.
The 60-second advert provides a highly-visual, dramatized story of how the door works in emergencies. The efficiency, speed and hassle-free elements of the door are portrayed perfectly alongside an on-screen countdown and a split-screen shot to compare the alternative situation with any other standard door. We understand the weight of Maxwoods’ message, and that’s why our team aimed high to produce hard-hitting content to be used as their main website feature.