Maple Sunscreening: Circle Square

Intriguing, captivating and technically brilliant, Circle Square is home to the most interesting building in Manchester.

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We photographed Maple Sunscreening’s fantastic work on the Premier Inn that lays beneath this facade.
Following a £750m development in Manchester city centre, Maple Sunscreening – along with Leach Rhodes Walker and Russell WBHO – breathed life into the city’s Premier Inn by designing and installing an incredibly striking architectural façade. Our photographer, Mike captured the impressive six storeys in a bundle of case study images.
We were even able to use previous case study photographs (provided by Maple) to create a super informative and engaging video. We repurposed the images to draw out their full potential by using them in a short, animated video. Paired alongside text and project information, we created a visual that would engage Maple’s audience.
The Circle Square façade, however, was an important case study for Maple. The folded aluminium panels slotted together perfectly to create a series of 3D diamond shapes that catch the light from all angles. The establishing shots play a crucial part in showing how this astonishing building integrates with the various skyscrapers of Manchester, while the close-ups display the texture of the façade in fine detail.
A tangible pattern like no other, Maple wanted to reveal the complexity of the project, from the laborious CGI designs to the project management of the technical team; our images have allowed them to connect with their audience in a way that demonstrates their hard work and professionalism.