Liquidline: No.1 Old Trafford

In May 2021, we filmed a case study video for Liquidline in the brand-new No.1 Old Trafford build.

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Liquidline is one of the UK’s leading coffee, water and vending machine specialists, making them a perfect fit for the prestigious Manchester tower.
Their mission is to create ‘refreshing “wow” experiences’ for their customers, so we wanted to produce a video that reflected this exactly. While filming the installation of Liquidline’s coffee machines at No.1 Old Trafford, Manchester, we were keen to gather a variety of footage. Ranging from establishing shots of the exterior to close ups of the water being poured, we made sure to give Liquidline’s audience the full picture.
By doing this, we hoped to create a three-minute video that shows Liquidline’s products working seamlessly in a commercial environment. As part of our stress-free process at SCOPIC, we also contacted the team at No.1 Old Trafford and organised to film interviews. We then edited the interviews alongside footage of the building’s café/bar area to show the machines working in their best environment.
Liquidline guarantee ‘Barista quality’ beverages after ‘seamless installation’ of their machines, which is why our team captured a time-lapse of the entire process. A quick example of the Liquidline team at work demonstrates how professional, slick and undisruptive the process is for their customers.
The case study video has now been used on the Liquidline website, allowing them to communicate their company values in an engaging way. The snippets of testimonial from the residents of No.1 Old Trafford help to build trust between Liquidline and their customers while the stunning interior shots reinforce a sense of style and authenticity within the company.