Innovison Security: Intruder Watch

Intruderwatch domestic security protects the home, prioritising the inhabitants

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Our creative perspective brings security to life in this Innovision advert
We know from previous collaboration how Innovision Security leads the way in domestic security, and we were excited to produce another video advert for the company’s latest development: Intruderwatch.
Understanding that we’re most vulnerable asleep in our own beds, Intruderwatch is designed to protect those in the premises once an intruder has made it into the home. In the UK, a house is broken into every 106 seconds, so when it comes to home security the ends justify these means.
The Intruderwatch advert follows the course of a typical break-in from the burglar’s perspective, using expert post-production techniques to transform our daytime shoot into night-time visuals, enhancing the reality of the narrative. The confident criminal makes it into the home but is thwarted in any attempts to reach the residents thanks to Intruderwatch’s security features.
We had fun on set getting Innovison Security’s Technical Director Ben Lewis to cameo as ‘man in bed’ while Intruderwatch secures the bedroom doors upon intruder detection. Doubling the fun, we witnessed a live demonstration of the system’s fog cannon in action, engulfing the set and the crew to get the perfect shot.