HTS: Company Video

HTS are leading suppliers of spares and good for those in the Construction industry.

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With a growing range of products and an emphasis on exceptional customer service, we created a company video to reflect HTS’ company values.
A huge benefit of a company video is that your audience can meet your team. HTS, like any other major business, operate their own website and social media accounts, but it’s sometimes tough to get a feel for the company culture through written content. Instead, we created a video where members of the team spoke to camera, took us along to their client meetings and showed us how they operate in the workspace.
By filming this, we provided HTS with a short, engaging video which allows their target audience to fully understand who they’re working with. Alongside capturing the team at work, it was important to showcase the mission, vision and values of HTS, one of which being their continual efforts to put the customer first.
HTS provide a ‘Total One Stop Shop Solution’ with guaranteed stock availability on hundreds of products, meaning their customers know exactly which products are on the shelves in the warehouse, ready to be dispatched. With establishing shots of their warehouse and offices along with close ups of products being packaged, we successfully encapsulated HTS’ ability to provide supplies quickly and efficiently.
Overall, the company video shows every side to the business, from admin roles in the offices to product pickers in the warehouse and machine specialists in the workshops. By publishing this video across both their website and social media, HTS possess an incredibly effective tool which provides behind the scenes access into how the company is operated.