Health Spaces: Company Video

Health Spaces: designing and constructing the nation’s best, most effective hospital rooms.

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We produced a company video for a fit-out business who are not only stylish and innovative, but who are making a real impact on the healthcare sector too.
When it comes to the Health & Hygiene industry, we have worked with a surplus of businesses who provide equipment, offer innovative products or design and install new, advanced workplaces. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for faster product production, adaptable spaces and increased advertisement has become a priority, and this is why we started working with Health Spaces.
Health Spaces specialise in hospital design and construction. With over ten years’ experience, these interior design and installation specialists know what it takes to provide better healthcare and faster solutions to hospitals, consultants and patients. With an understanding of ‘both patient and nursing aspects’, Health Spaces instil a sense of confidence in every client, knowing they will receive a safe, modern space.
Instead, Health Spaces’ audience are now instantly faced with a quick, easy video, detailing exactly why they should opt for their services. With a combination of case study footage, team interviews and dynamic office shots, our content does not only highlight the good work done at Health Spaces, but it captures their close eye for design, something that can’t be found in a paragraph on the ‘About’ page. Their style, class and efficiency can be found within the range of projects they’ve worked on, right through to their offices at HQ.