Hayley Group: Hayley Rail

Trusted and proven leading partners in the rail sector.

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Discover Hayley Rail in these Company Showcase and Recruitment videos.
A member of the Dexis group, Hayley Rail are an industry-leading trusted and proven partner for critical engineering components, consumables, and personal protective equipment. But what Hayley Rail really are is a high-spirited team with a keen focus on their stock, their service, and each other. There’s an unmistakeable sense of professionalism on location with the team that we channel into this company showcase video and recruitment video.
The Hayley showcase presents the business in all its capacities, touching on the areas of excellence that have developed the rail industry in tandem with the company’s own growth. Discussions with Hayley Rail’s leaders give context to the scale of Hayley Group, cemented in the viewers brain by sharp imagery of stock, service, and people.
And Hayley continue to grow, a key part of the strategy to do so being staff development. The recruitment video features an abundance of satisfied team members, many of whom examples of Hayley’s scope for progression; it also features testaments to job satisfaction, freedom, recognition, and teamwork. Each team member we frame against their most familiar surroundings to capture their natural essence in eye-catching video portraits, a shallow depth of field used to draw all focus to their personalities.
Combined, these two videos give a rounded views of Hayley Rail at this moment in their journey. The quality of SCOPIC’s production and editing reflects the success of the company, and the video works so well because Hayley just has so many great things going on to catch on camera.