Havwoods: Stanfield Road

Stanfield Road, home to a beautiful residential house, is located in the north east of London.

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We recently took a series of case study photographs for Havwoods who provided their bespoke flooring to the property.
Havwoods do not only specialise in supplying stunning wood flooring to retail stores and workspaces, but they also help to renovate residential areas. With its alabaster walls and tints of navy furnishings, Havwoods provided Stanfield Road with their Cottage Character in Herringbone flooring to add a touch of warmth.
Havwoods have managed to elevate the space with the addition of a natural-looking floor, one that creates a rustic contrast to the purity of the building with its unrefined grade markings. At the same time, the flooring keeps both the living room and the kitchen open and bright.
Our case study photography provides an opportunity to show audiences exactly how companies like Havwoods work with their clients. It is important, therefore, for us to capture all the small details. When looking at this photography bundle, for example, our producers were keen to identify a contrast between the rawness of the product and the polished interior details around it, such as the beautiful, black radiator.
Ink-black details run throughout the entire interior, making for a simple yet effective space. Defining these details within our photography allows for cohesion throughout the collection; not only does it bring out the best in the product, but it emphasises Havwoods’ keen eye for detail. They have been thrilled to share our assortment of professional, aesthetically pleasing images across their website and social media.