Habit Action: O’Connor Utilities

O’Connor utilities: a Stockport office space with a corporate London feel.

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Habit Action transformed O’Connor Utilities’ tiresome three-storey office block into an awe-inspiring space.
O’Connor Utilities has grown to become one of the UK’s largest experts in providing contract services. Our producer, Tom, headed to Stockport in August 2021 to capture the luxury and professionalism of their new flagship HQ.
The transformed space is embellished with stunning, bespoke pieces, from the circular cascading light decoration in the atrium space to the acoustic moss wall installations. The three-storey building was entirely stripped back with both a CAT A and CAT B refurbishment. Each specialist design feature made for an extraordinary shot, meaning our client was overjoyed with the result of their case study project.
Over the course of a day, not only did we provide both Habit Action and O’Connor Utilities with a bundle of promotional photography, but we also sat down with Michelle Carr, the lead creative at Habit Action, to discuss each and every fine detail of the project. Working in such an impressive space, Tom was able to capture reels and reels of footage, leaving our client with a stunningly unique four-minute video.
The aim to our case study video and photography was threefold: to reflect the calibre of O’Connor Utilities as a prestigious company, to showcase Habit Action’s comprehensive design process, and to illustrate the lengths our team will go to in order to deliver the best results.