EZ Concept – Johnnie Walker Experience

Whiskey extraordinaire, Johnnie Walker claim ‘every sip a story’, so we decided to share their narrative through the power of showcase media.

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Our recent photography bundle – taken at the Johnnie Walker Experience in Edinburgh – tells the story of how the leading Scotch whisky sellers teamed up with EZ Concept to transform their space.
Located on Princes Street in the heart of Edinburgh, this flagship Johnnie Walker Museum and Bar promises an immersive experience like no other. Offering unique cocktails, taste tingling dishes and the best rooftop castle view in Edinburgh, visitors can expect nothing less than luxury. How are we so certain? One of our fantastic photographers went along to capture their recent interior design stylings from EZ Concept.
Here at SCOPIC, we like to make sure you can get the most of your content, and that’s exactly what EZ Concept did when they created a sleek 45-second video full of our stills. Their decision to introduce a voiceover created a dynamic and accessible piece of content while the photos provided a sense of opulence. With clean lines, dazzling white walls and bold, contrasting foliage installations, the images reflect the prestige and professionalism of both EZ Concept as a design company and Johnnie Walker as a Scotch whisky expert.
EZ Concept were instrumental to the architectural concept of the space. In particular, the installation of Minimalist Doors and Riser Door Openings from EzyJamb and AccessDor contributed to the seamless design that runs through the building. Leading experts in the design sector, EZ Concept gained a deep understanding of what the Johnnie Walker Experience encapsulates, and exactly what they needed to entice visitors: a graceful, open space with room for indulgence and brand interactivity.
A perfectly curated space means that heavy footfall and continuous door opening is unnoticeable. EZ Concept describe the rooms as having a ‘trim-free design’, creating clear-cut pathways and a neater environment where customers can relax and focus on their bespoke museum and bar tour. The hanging foliage, adorned with gold detailing is, of course, the centre piece of any room. In contrast to the clean and modern interior, the foliage adds an intriguing focal point against the minimalist door framings, one our team took pride in capturing.