Dolphin Solutions: Exchange House

Introducing another one of our fantastic projects in London: Dolphin Solutions for Exchange House.

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Dolphin Solutions specialise in bespoke washroom facilities, so we went along to capture their recent transformative work at Exchange House.
Exchange House: a prestigious, award-winning building in the centre of London that holds the American Institute of Architect’s Award for 2015. Placed in the same category as the Guggenheim Museum and the Louvre, Exchange House holds company with many famous, well-established buildings. When Dolphin Solutions transformed their washroom space, and subsequently required case study photography, they called on SCOPIC to help.
Our producers took a trip to the luxury office spaces to begin with their professional photography. The architecture of Exchange House is sublime; built into the surrounding rail infrastructure, Exchange House sits against an exposed steel bridge, combining old-age engineering with modern design. With such an impressive exterior, it is crucial to maintain high standards throughout the interior too, and this is where Dolphin Solutions came in.
This commercial washroom transformation was no simple task. Dolphin were challenged with creating cohesion between the interior and the avant-garde style of the exterior. Faced with design conflictions – such as the soap dispensers not effectively working with the floating mirrors – and time constraints, the team at Dolphin worked tirelessly to create a seamless, clean and unique washroom design.
Operating as an innovative company, Dolphin also integrated members of the team within the installation process to ensure complete efficiency throughout the process. Their dedication and attention to detail is astonishing, and this is what the producers at SCOPIC are trained to capture within our photography. From establishing shots, that help to tell the story of the exterior, to clean cut lines within the washrooms, we photograph everything our clients and their audience could possibly need.