Dolphin Solutions: Company Video

Dolphin Solutions are focused on fast, high-quality, sustainable results for their clients, and they needed a video to show this.

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With SCOPIC, you don’t just get a video about your brand; we show your team culture, your case studies and your values.
Founded in 1999, Dolphin Solutions work with contractors, architects, specifiers and wholesalers to provide high-quality washroom solutions. Their unique specifications mean every washroom is different from the other. ‘Designed with the user experience in mind’, Dolphin have worked across a range of projects, ensuring the spectacular features of their products are on show while the mechanics are neatly hidden away.
Dolphin emanate beauty and class, but they also understand the importance of sustainability. This is why, when it came to succinctly showcasing their vision and values on screen, they approached SCOPIC. We started by doing what we do with every client: we held a discovery call to find out exactly what Dolphin needed from a company video in order to connect with their audience, show their USP and drive sales.
Back in 2021, we sent one of our producers to shoot the video. The footage was then carefully edited back in our Lancaster studio, paying close attention to the way in which Dolphin’s background shines through. With a mix of individual interviews and shots of the working environment, we created a two-minute video that integrates work culture, product shots and case study imagery.
The long shots and birds-eye view of the production factory shows another side to Dolphin. We didn’t just stop at filming the offices, we wanted to show behind the scenes too. Dolphin’s target audience need to know the company can be trusted, so with various BTS insight, such as the new moulding machine robots or the adaptable washroom mirrors, we showed that Dolphin can find a trustworthy solution for each and every client.