Datim: Welcome to Datim

Serving the Construction industry since 1976, DATIM are leading providers of architectural hardware and doorsets.

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As part of their Welcome to DATIM project, we visited the company HQ to get a sense of the work environment.
From their humble family beginnings to their nationwide success, our Welcome to DATIM video explores everything about the company, ensuring their clients know the strengths of who they’re working with. This is a valuable tool for targeting a specific audience; by laying your vision and values on the table, you’re more likely to connect to those who share the same qualities.
An effective way to do this is to interview members of the team. With the help of Garry and Cameron Hughes, we were able to create an informative video, full of first-hand knowledge about DATIM’s company culture. Their contribution to the Construction industry goes beyond architectural hardware and doorsets; DATIM work in-house to offer a single source solution to their customers, meaning they provide hassle-free stock guarantees.
Here at SCOPIC, we got to grips with all the technicalities around DATIM as a business. We know the importance of showing the customer exactly what they can receive from a service, and that’s why we worked tirelessly to perfect interview questions, shot lists and scripts. Every step of the way, we ensured DATIM were kept in the loop. As with every client, our team thoroughly researches company background, but we also like to hear from the client themselves in order to add a personal touch.
To add that personal touch, we also planned questions around the team’s values and purpose. Garry and Cameron spoke eloquently about their products, and customers could access more information in the ‘Products’ section of their website, but capturing the company culture on camera is something that can’t be found elsewhere. With shots of the team in-office and a short interview about DATIM’s commitment and care, viewers are able to get a well-rounded sense of the people behind the company’s success.