DATIM: The DATIM Experience

The DATIM Experience: why are DATIM one of the best Construction suppliers right now?

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Your audience will always have questions, and we know how to answer them.
Back in 2020, we created a three-minute video for leading Construction suppliers, DATIM. The purpose of the video? It’s in the title: The DATIM Experience. The company came to us with one concern: how can our audience understand the experience we offer? So, we produced a short, simple and engaging video to remedy the issue.
In just three minutes, every single viewer can find out what DATIM do, what their values are, who the team are and what you can expect as a customer. From their ‘wealth of experience’ to the ‘diverse’ range of sectors they serve, our straight-forward video lays out exactly what the company are about.
With a project like this, one where our content is being formed to solve a problem, it is important to create a bulletproof strategy. As with every client we work with, we held a discovery call and several briefing meetings with DATIM to find out who their audience is, the questions they get asked the most and how their company is viewed by customers and colleagues.
Once we worked on shot lists, scripts and gaining access to any sites, our producer, Mike headed to DATIM HQ to film. After filming had concluded, DATIM then fed back any changes they required before we created the final file, ready for them to use across social media and their website. As a result of creating a clear, concise video, DATIM are able to continually communicate with their customers in a stronger way, making for a hassle-free process.