DART: RED TEN Rebrand Video

Dart: your tool, but better.

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Dart Tool Group are leading providers when it comes to tool accessories, so when they came to us for a rebrand video, we made sure to help them stand out.
In 2021, we went bold and flashy with a new Red Ten rebranding video for Dart. As part of their Red Ten range, we edited a selection of high-quality shots to show off Dart’s diamond blades and cores, including porcelain drills, core drills, diamond blades and abrasive discs. Designed to serve the Construction industry, these tools are one of Dart’s most important, top of the range collections, therefore a new, confident video was needed.
To be used across their social media and website, we started by holding a discovery call with Dart to find out exactly what they wanted from this rebrand. From their brief, we worked on creating a fast-paced, eye catching advert to display the quality and efficiency of their Red Ten range.
With a short runtime of only thirty seconds, we were sure to make the most of this time. The stunning close ups show the tools in action, working to the best of their ability, while the bold typography provides a clear yet intense introduction to the powerful collection. Not only this, but the cinematic, slick and speedy feel to the video reflects the professionalism and to-the-point nature of Dart as a company.
A mixture of in-studio and on-site filming ensured the team at SCOPIC could edit together a series of extremely unique shots. Dart sent us clips of their products and we took care of the rest; our expert producers tapped into their creative side to not only show the tools working with various materials, but to do it in a way that portrayed style and finesse. Working with shots that included turntables, effective lighting and green screens, our team made sure each and every tool stood out.