BA Systems: BT HQ

An integral part of the architecture: BA Systems design for function with style at BT HQ.

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This photography case study highlights the subtle beauty of functional design.
As BT open the doors to their new London headquarters, we celebrate the unsung heroes of design and safety: BA Systems. A testament to big business done right, this impressive headquarters glows a deep BT purple, touched with class by the timeless appeal of stainless-steel balustrades and handrails.
The gift of expert design, as displayed by BA Systems, is to blend seamlessly into function. Our case study photography captures sleek stairwells and escalators, often overlooked in the mad dash from one place to another, disguised in their own purpose to provide reliable service.
A location like BT Headquarters expects relentless use, demanding the convenience and accessibility that BA Systems are known for, delivered in a visually delightful package. BA combine long, strong straights with the pleasing curves that lend themselves to keen eyes and reaching hands. BA’s products allow the surrounding architecture to sing; our photographer has no problems identifying the balustrades and handrails as stars throughout the site.