Anchorpoint: Quin Global

Back in 2020, we helped Anchorpoint showcase their transformation of the Quin Global workplace.

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Mike, our head of production, shot everything from the design and décor to the build and furnishings.
Anchorpoint required a selection of images exhibiting their fit-out work with Quin Global. Alongside this, we worked on a spectacular two-minute video for our client where we shot the space in great detail and conversed with the Quin Global employees to receive their input on the project.
Over just two days of filming, Mike was able to produce an informative and visually stunning bundle of content for our client to make use of across their website and socials.
Packed with earthy tones and vibrant violet hues, we produced an unforgettable video, capturing the signature work of Anchorpoint for all their customers to see. With snippets of employee interviews and close ups of the 500sq. ft. space, the content we handed over breathes life into Anchorpoint’s hard work.
An important aspect of both the photographs and the video was to show how closely Anchorpoint worked to the client’s brief. Carl Fowler from Quin Global states, ‘We’re getting new clients every day’ since the transformation of the space.
The QG team were delighted to see their previous storage space become a demonstration centre, and Anchorpoint were overjoyed to see their work in both video and photography form.