Anchorpoint: Company Video

Anchorpoint are all about ‘creating the workspace you deserve’, so we wanted to create the video they deserved.

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We filmed a whole new company video for them, shining a new light on their work culture.
Anchorpoint are leading specialists in corporate and workplace design fitouts, so it was no surprise that we were able to capture a range of fantastic content for their new video. Anchorpoint place focus on creativity and style, therefore they wanted a brand-new company video to reflect their dedication and professionalism when it comes to curating stylish yet functional spaces.
Anchorpoint reached out to us, knowing we could produce something engaging and relevant to their audience. Through our seamless process, in which we hold discovery calls and establish a brief, we were able to pitch our ideas with the shot lists and scripted questionnaires for the interviews.
As part of our company videos, we like to get a feel for the entire team and culture. To do this, we include a mix of establishing office shots, close-ups of the smaller details and clips of team interviews, explaining why the company is so unique. We know not everyone feels their best in front of the camera, but we ensure each team member feels as comfortable as possible by providing questions in advance and guiding them through the process in-person.
For Anchorpoint, we specifically wanted to integrate images of their previous work within the video, giving the whole picture for their professionalism inside and outside the office. Because of this, the video was fit to use across both their website and socials in order to build trust with their customers