Amara Hammond

Amara Hammond are leading specialists in fitting out care homes with comfortable, stylish interiors.

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We took a trip to their offices in Bedford to capture the team during their design process.
Amara Hammond offer ‘a warm, familiar and sophisticated environment’ for residents within care homes, therefore we wanted to reflect on their stringent design process through our photography.
The leading interior design experts place great emphasis on caring for the community they serve; their design process involves detailed planning and an in-depth understanding of their audience, which we were able to capture when we visited their offices.
With colour wheel close-ups and material flatlays, our photographer, Mike captured the consideration that goes into every decision made at Amara Hammond. Through company photography, we were able to give Amara Hammond’s audience a closer peek at textures and gradients, encouraging care homes to trust their professional and bespoke process.
It was important to capture the physical products offered by Amara Hammond, but we also wanted to portray a sense of authenticity within the company. Showing Amara Hammond’s team at work has equipped them with personal, relatable images for both their website and social media.